• window.location.href failing under MSIE 6
    11/02/2009 10:02PM
    So I had a function: > function fv_loadUrl( parms ) > { > var elem = parms.elem; > var href = parms.href; > window.location.href = href; > return true; > } Works like a champ in FireFox, but not in MSIE 6. I read a post that speculated the script was terminating before the page could load. Changing the * ... Read Full Article
  • Javascript Closures
    10/20/2009 6:11PM
    A technical article on [Javascript Closures][1]. And an article describing an approach to dealing with [closure memory leaks][2]. And an article describing a tool to [track down memory leaks in MSIE][3]. [1]: http://www.jibbering.com/faq/faq_notes/closures.html [2]: http://laurens.vd.oever.nl/weblog/items2005/clos ... Read Full Article
  • A Firefox, Web Developer or FireBug bug
    10/19/2009 6:09PM
    This has represented a few hours of my life. At the present moment I don't know if the bug lies in firefox, the web developer extension or the firebug extension. I'm using Firefox 3.0.13 under Kubuntu Linux (9.04) with the Web Developer extension v.  1.1.8 and the FireBug extension v. 1.4.3. Consider the follow ... Read Full Article
  • PHP split() is listed as deprecated and will be removed
    10/18/2009 3:51PM
    This is one of the liabilities of using a language long term that's in a high state of flux. As you continue to build larger and larger codebases, the work required to change that codebase as the language changes increases linearly. The formVista codebase started in 2001 and has been growing ever since. During that ti ... Read Full Article
  • A Gotcha when using FireBug with Legacy HTML
    10/13/2009 5:55PM
    [Firebug][1] absolutely rocks. When tracking down the effects of errant CSS cascades, html quirks, DHTML side effects, etc, nothing beats Firebug.  However, today I ran into a little gotcha that consumed a few hours of my life. I wanted to align some drop downs and input fields nicely for the admin side of a new micro ... Read Full Article
  • An Overview of the jQuery CSS Framework
    10/10/2009 2:39PM
    In case you're like me an missed this document, here's a link to the jQuery CSS Framework documentation: ... Read Full Article
  • jQuery UI CSS scopes
    10/09/2009 8:25PM
    In the previous version of formVista we had a single jQuery UI installation with a [theme roller][1] created theme.  Then for each formVista theme we would override key parts of the themeroller theme. This has turned out to be a painful approach. So instead, I'm moving to a setup where we use themeroller to create a f ... Read Full Article
  • Another Javascript RIch User Interface library to watch - ExtJS
    10/05/2009 3:31PM
    An article over at [slashdot.org][1] referred to a commercial/open source rich user interface library called ExtJS available at: [http://www.extjs.com/.][2] As of this writing it is dual licensed under the GPL and a Commercial License, similar to the way formVista is licensed. After a cursory glance it seems like a ... Read Full Article
  • Xinha WYSIWYG HTMLEditor in jQuery.UI tabs
    10/03/2009 3:17PM
    More complex AJAX/AJSON applications such as Google Maps and the [Xinha WYSIWYG HTML Editor][1] do not render correctly when placed into hidden divs, presumably because they cannot correctly get the size of the div.  According to the [Xinha ticket list][2], the editor must be visible before it is created otherwise it ... Read Full Article
  • From a follower on twitter - net-tuts
    09/29/2009 11:25AM
    What appears to be a compelling resource for javascript, jQuery, HTML, PHP and CSS info: ... Read Full Article
  • HTML5 <canvas> tag
    09/29/2009 11:13AM
    Yesterday I came across a few demonstrations of what's possible using the HTML5 tag which opens up some very interesting possibilities. According to Wikipedia -[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canvas\_(HTML\_element) ][1] Some examples of what can be done with the canvas tag: [Blob Salad][2] Read Full Article
  • The Xinha WYSIWYG Editor, HTMLPurifier and the non-validating br tags.
    09/23/2009 1:41PM
    So I just spent some time tracking down a little bug which turned out to be my own stupid fault.  formVista uses [HTMLPurifier][1] to sanitize HTML that's submitted by end users. HTMLPurifier rocks.  However, Ryan over at [Nuts and Bolts Interactive][2] discovered
    tags submitted using the WYSIWYG html editor ... Read Full Article