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2010-03-19 11:40:27
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So 2 questions, really. What are the all the modules for formVista?
And what are the differences in the two gallery modules?
Posted by: Kyrin7
2010-03-21 13:55:47
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in reply to #1912
I need to put together a list of the components and their parameters as part of the component reference guide.

As for the two galleries, there is photo_gallery_popup which allows you to specify fro the user interface a thumbnail and a popup image. There's photo_gallery_inline which displays the larger photo in the same page.

I have to still create the jQuery modal dialog version you asked for. I haven't had a chance to do that one yet.

Here's a mostly complete list of current components. If you see a name of a component you want more info about just ask.

    * announcements
    * announcements_global
    * blog
    * blog_search
    * calendar
    * contact_list
    * contact_statesearch
    * contact_us_appointment
    * contact_us_attachment
    * contact_us
    * contact_us_gateway
    * contact_us_withcomments
    * contact_us_withcomments_nophone
    * contest_list
    * downloads_list
    * events_list
    * faq_list
    * flash_photostrip_link_list
    * flash_slideshow
    * flash_slideshow_withplayer
    * flash_video_list
    * forum
    * graphic
    * graphic_global
    * graphic_link
    * graphic_link_global
    * graphic_link_list
    * graphic_link_list_rollover_global
    * graphic_link_text_list
    * graphic_link_text_list_global
    * graphic_link_text_list_popup
    * graphic_link_text_list_popupimage
    * graphic_link_text_list_popupimage_global
    * graphic_list
    * graphic_popup
    * graphic_raw_text_list
    * graphic_text_list
    * link_list
    * link_list_global
    * login
    * maillist_global
    * member_browse
    * member_account
    * member_profile
    * member_search_global
    * meta_global
    * news_list
    * news_list_full
    * newsletter_signup_email
    * newsletter_signup_snail_email
    * news_summary_global
    * paypal_button
    * paypal_button_graphic_list
    * paypal_cart
    * paypal_checkout
    * photo_gallery_popup
    * private_upload
    * referral
    * sharedphotos
    * testimonials_random_global
    * testimonials_list_global
    * text
    * text_global
    * text_link
    * text_link_global
    * text_link_list
    * text_raw
    * text_raw_global
    * ticket_list
Posted by: Yermo
2010-03-26 11:11:17
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in reply to #1926
well you've seen my proposed site, what modules would you recommend given my purpose and intent?
Posted by: Kyrin7
2010-03-26 11:47:11
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in reply to #1952
I would recommend using the photo_gallery_popup component for your photo gallery for the time being. The DHTML version I'll create for you, using the library you suggested, will work off the same content and will be a drop in replacement.

To use photo_gallery_popup you need to pass in the width and height for both the thumbnail size you want to use and for the popup version. You do it by create an array of parameters that you pass into the declareSpot() call like this:


$parms = array();

// thumbnail, width and height in px

$parms[ "width" ] = "150";
$parms[ "height" ] = "150";

// larger view in popup window also in px

$parms[ "width2" ] = "600";
$parms[ "height2" ] = "600";

// you can also specify the size of the popup window

$parms[ "window_width" ] = '800";
$parms[ "window_height" ] = "600";

declareSpot( "photos", "photo_gallery_popup", $parms );

Then just like anything else you do a

<?php hotspot( "photos" ); ?>

in the body of the HTML where you want it to appear.

When you create the page in the backend and you click the (edit) link in the editor and go to add images, remember you have to browse and upload your images. The "OK" button is off the window so you'll want to manually increase the size of the window to see it.

LIke I said, once I have a chance to build the dhtml version, it'll be a drop in replacement for this one so you won't lose any work. All you'll have to do, once it's finished, is replace "photo_gallery_popup" with "photo_gallery_dhtml".

Other components may want to play with are "contact_us" which creates a contact form tied with the contact manager. It takes no parameters so you just do a:

declareSpot( "contact", "contact_us" );

and then in the body a hotspot( "contact" );

Configuration on the backend should be straight forward.

You can put the contact form, if you want in a hidden div and invoke it from javascript as we were discussing, if you want.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Posted by: Yermo