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formVista Users Forum -> On the subject of taking static designs and creating templates
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2010-02-21 18:51:29
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@Kyrin Did you get those PHP modules installed into your VM? I'm building a VM for another purpose. I could set up formVista on it and give it to you on a USB stick the next time I see you, if you'd rather do it that way.

I still need to go over how this stuff gets themed .. it's fairly straight forward but I'll need to give you an introduction to get you started. Maybe I'll get motivated enough to write the Designers Guide, or at least start it.
Posted by: Yermo
2010-02-22 10:55:20
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in reply to #1792
yes that might be for the best. Linux configuring isn't my strong suit at all. how big is the vm?
Posted by: Kyrin7
2010-02-22 15:45:49
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in reply to #1793
It's 8 gigs right now but I was experimenting. I'll put a smaller one together.

What version of VMWare do you have?
Posted by: Yermo
2010-02-22 16:56:16
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in reply to #1795
6.5.3. I'd like to try an catch up with you at your convienance.
Posted by: Kyrin7
2010-03-11 22:11:57
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in reply to #1798
So far formVista has proven to be easier to understand and use than other CMS systems, and I'm barely tapping a 10th of it's capability. The php variable are self defined, and easy to implement in an existing design, as opposed to most CMS, which require that the design be implemented into the php. So it meets the promised feature of being designer friendly.
Posted by: Kyrin7