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2010-02-17 17:38:42
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As promised, I've put together a development snapshot of project formVista version

This version contains a large number of bug fixes and upgrade jQuery to version 1.3.2.

The documentation has been regenerated. It still needs a lot of formatting work, which I will eventually get to.

This version should be ready to try an install on godaddy hosted sites. If you would like a hand, we can do this together. I'd be very interested to watch you go through the process so I can take some notes.
Posted by: Yermo
2010-02-17 18:11:09
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I'm repositioning formvista to a more focused niche and now calling it the Entrepreneurs CMS (content management system) and Business Platform. That's what I use it for so I figure that's what I'll call it.

I figure I'll continue developing it out until I see a compelling reason to stop.

Moving forward I hope to add a bunch of the forum feature suggestions mentioned by my users in addition to a "wall" like feature so we can see updates across the site such as when someone writes a blog article or posts photos. Beyond that I want to include a social tagged link index feature so we can lookup things we post much more easily.

I also want to implement a shared calendar, personal photo galleries with tagging (a la facebook), and a bunch of other features.

I also want to implement a groups concept where users will be able to create groups containing shared photos, calendar, forum, blog,etc. This will probably be developed as an extension instead of including it in to the mainline code.

All of that will have to wait, though, until I get the epically delayed ecommerce system done. With some recent business development activities, it's looking like I might actually have a real need for the steroids laden ecommerce system I've designed. That is being built as an extension and will probably be made available under some kind of commercial license.
Posted by: Yermo