A few of the key features of formVista

Contact/Relationship Management

  • core of the system is an advanced contact manager.
  • contacts can funnel into the manager from the front end automatically or from the back end manually.
  • heuristic duplicate handling.
  • contact change logs.
  • include any number of addresses, urls, phone numbers.
  • notes
  • website accounts and all contact history saved in a single location.
  • easily extensible to include any other kind of linked contact information. 

Content Management

  • Preview/Publish architecture
  • right on the page "hotspot" editing
  • WYSIWYG webpage editor 
  • Image Manager and Editor
  • extensive list of content components
  • switch themes without changing content

Community Features

  • login account management tied to central contact record
  • group and level based authentication
  • mark sections password protected
  • discussion forums with watching and notifications
  • blogs with watching, notifications and comment system
  • photo gallery

Social Networking

  • friend lists
  • friend requests
  • invitations
  • web based private messaging with black lists 

Sales Funnel

  • gateway pages with downloads in exchange for contact info or mailing list signup.
  • all contact forms funnel data incrementally to the contact manager allowing you to watch as relationships develop automatically over time.

News Letter Manager

  • create double opt in email lists
  • enable auto subscribe and unsubscribe features on the front end
  • tightly integrated with the contact manager
  • schedule mailings in advance
  • contacts can sign up to multiple lists. 

Installation and Maintenance

  • complete web based setup program that creates a functional site in a few minutes.
  • import contacts from CSV files using an included command line utility.
  • database schemas are versioned and can be upgraded from any version to any version in place. 
  • site content, configuration and contact lists can be exported and imported from one database to another.


  • automatic URL encryption.
  • automatic SQL injection protection in most cases.
  • form field obfuscation.
  • form field "spam-pot" protection.
  • extensive use of .htaccess protections.
  • custom session mangement.

Extension System

  • developers can create extensions to add new front end features
  • contact manager can be extended through extensions.

Rapid Development

  • formVista Markup Lanuage (FVML) increases development speed and maintainability.
  •  role separation improves efficiency (designers, developers, content creators and administrators can work independently and in parallel.)

Designer Friendly

  • can accomodate any website design.
  • minimally intrusive template language with an extremely simple syntax.
  • minimum time to get up to speed.
  • allows overrides of stock themes for minor tweaks.
  • allows implementation of entirely new themes that can be managed on a site by site basis.
  • CSS compliant.
  • complete structure and approach for "chopping up" existing sites and turning them into a formVista theme.