formVistatm includes a number of third party components without which the development of formVistatm would have been significantly more challenging.

  • HTMLPurifier - a beautiful HTML parser, validator, XSS vulnerability filter. Very highly recommended!
  • Xinha is not HTMLArea - the WYSIWYG html editor component used in the implementation of the <htmleditor> FVML tag.
  • jQuery - the write less, do more javascript framework.
  • jQuery UI - the jQuery User Interface project
  • MarkDownify - HTML to Text conversion library
  • Standalone Image Manager - a standalone version of the old HTMLArea Imagemanager plugin.
  • jsHash - a set of hashing functions written in javascript.
  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • Apache

And without the contributions of Ryan Chapin from Nuts and Bolts Interactive, Inc the new and very flexible CSS layouts, themes and new FVML tagset would never been done.

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