• Landing Page Optimization Article
    05/03/2010 3:11PM
    Here's a great article on landing page optimization: ... Read Full Article
  • An Analysis of the Facebook game FarmVille
    12/06/2009 3:28PM
    Here's a link to a very interesting analysis of the Facebook game FarmVille, which now has more users than Twitter. It discusses the aspects of the game that make it so addictive. I can see how some of these concepts could be applied to other areas: [http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/MarkNewheiser/200912043733/Farmvil ... Read Full Article
  • New FTC rules governing bloggers go into effect today.
    12/01/2009 12:52PM
    #important If you know anyone who authors a blog and/or does any kind of affiliate marketing, new FTC rules went into effect today that govern "misleading practices in online endorsements". See  Fines go up to $11,000.   (Chip is our attorney ... Read Full Article
  • Google Webmaster Tools
    11/28/2009 5:37PM
    If you want to get more traffic from google make sure to check out [Google's Webmaster Tools][1]. There are a number of tools including an analysis of how your site ranks under various search terms. [1]: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools ... Read Full Article
  • Technorait Blog index
    11/27/2009 7:59PM
    I've submitted this blog to the Technorati blog index: ESZ9KGWGT5XG ... Read Full Article
  • Personal Patterns
    11/21/2009 4:09PM
    I've been spending my time recently researching how the downloadable software industry has changed, especially in the finance/investing world. This is part of my work on [Personal Stock Monitor][1] and it's associated formVista based social networking site [CollabInvest.net][2]. I may be guilty of relying too much ... Read Full Article
  • White House Website Switches To Open Source Content Management Platform
    10/25/2009 1:13PM
    Interestingly, the White House has ditched their proprietary content management system in favor of [Drupal][1], another open source content management platform not unlike formVista. As reported on [Slashdot][2]: *"[WhiteHouse.gov has gone Drupal][3]. After months of planning, says an Obama Administration source, t ... Read Full Article
  • So you want to grow your site to one million users and beyond
    10/06/2009 1:54PM
    This is an excellent bullet point presentation that my business partner, Anatoly, found. It's by the founder of [Digg.com][1]. [1]: http://www.digg.com ... Read Full Article
  • Web Ink Now
    09/27/2009 11:13PM
    An excellent marketing blog from the author of the New Rules of Marketing and PR: [http://www.webinknow.com/ ][1] [1]: http://www.webinknow.com/ ... Read Full Article
  • The New Rules of Marketing and PR
    09/24/2009 5:54PM
    [![marketing_new_rules.jpg][2]][2]As another step in my quest to understand why things that worked like a champ just a few years no longer do, I'm currently reading [The New Rules of Marketing and PR][2]![ir?t=personaltoolscom&l=as2&o=1&a=0470379286][3].  It's surprising to me that so many of the reasons why we origi ... Read Full Article
  • New formVista site - duncansterling.com
    07/17/2009 9:35AM
    I helped a friend of mine, Duncan Sterling, put up a placeholder site using formVista. [http://www.duncansterling.com][1] formVista has an extension called goalTracker, a website analytics package I wrote ages ago. It approaches website analytics from the point of view of "actions" or "goals ... Read Full Article