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  • Personal Patterns
    11/21/2009 4:09PM

    I've been spending my time recently researching how the downloadable software industry has changed, especially in the finance/investing world. This is part of my work on Personal Stock Monitor and it's associated formVista based social networking site CollabInvest.net.

    I may be guilty of relying too much on google these last several years. Going through Technorati.com, blog trackbacks, web rings and niche search engines I'm finding all kinds of relevant sites that I would never have found on google.

    When looking for new opportunities, consider your own personal patterns and habits. They may be what's holding you back.

  • Another good small-biz marketing blog
    11/17/2009 6:36PM

    A friend forwarded me this this marketing blog today. The writing style is pretty funny but her points are dead on. There is also an active community of commentors, which are equally engaging.


  • White House Website Switches To Open Source Content Management Platform
    10/25/2009 1:13PM

    Interestingly, the White House has ditched their proprietary content management system in favor of Drupal, another open source content management platform not unlike formVista.

    As reported on Slashdot:

    "WhiteHouse.gov has gone Drupal. After months of planning, says an Obama Administration source, the White House has ditched the proprietary content management system that had been in place since the days of the Bush Administration in favor of the latest version of the open-source Drupal software. Dries Buytaert reflected on this, adding: 'this is a clear sign that governments realize that Open Source does not pose additional risks compared to proprietary software, and furthermore, that by moving away from proprietary software, they are not being locked into a particular technology, and that they can benefit from the innovation that is the result of thousands of developers collaborating on Drupal.'"

  • So you want to grow your site to one million users and beyond
    10/06/2009 1:54PM

    This is an excellent bullet point presentation that my business partner, Anatoly, found. It's by the founder of Digg.com.


  • Web Ink Now
    09/27/2009 11:13PM

    An excellent marketing blog from the author of the New Rules of Marketing and PR: